Welcome to my blog! I will be adding to this blog throughout the semester to fulfill requirements for my SLIS coursework. I hope you enjoy reading through my posts, and add comments about your responses.

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  • Blog post #10- Takeaways
    I would say the biggest takeaway for me this semester is the importance of utilizing technology in my library. In a school environment, it is important to be an educator as well as a student. Knowing how to incorporate new technology into lesson plans and how to use it to engage with students is important […]
  • Blog post 9 – VR in the classroom
    Going into this week’s blog post, I am excited to learn about new VR and AR tools and resources. I have seen VR headsets used for science and history classes, allowing students to see cells and look at a WWI trench among other things. The experience is highly immersive, and really brings the information students […]
  • Makerspaces in School Libraries Blog 8
    Makerspaces are a concept that has been of interest to me for a while now. School libraries in recent years have become more synonymous with learning and teaching than just books, and creating makerspaces within the library help cement this for students. A makerspace is a place where students can gather to create, invent, tinker, […]

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